About Brian Wheatley - Wedding Videographer

Hi, I'm Brian Wheatley – a professional Birmingham Wedding Videographer. My company name is The Multi Media Market.

I've been in the design industry for over 28 years and in 2006 I began filming and editing weddings across Birmingham and the Midlands. Up-to-date I've produced over 280 wedding videos. In 2017 I filmed and produced 29 wedding videos for clients across the UK.

Not only do I shoot weddings but I also film all kinds of things such as conferences and events, corporate videos and interviews as well as still retaining my graphic design business. I'm also available for photography for parties and events but please note I don't video and photograph weddings at the same time. I prefer to put all my efforts into making a fantastic video.

I edit all the footage myself and the footage is colour and light balanced during editing using a professional edit suite.

Weddings can be so much fun but also very stressful. I have experience of many different venues and types of weddings behind me so I'm confident in what I do. I used to design and produce Wedding Connections Magazine for Wedding Connections in the Merryhill Shopping Centre so I have some good connections locally within the wedding industry.

I'm extremely competitive on price without compromising on quality and value. I can do this because of the corporate projects that I also take on for companies and advertising agencies. Also in the summer I can film three weddings in one week!

Visit my corporate website for examples of my work for uk businesses www.mmmtv.co.uk


Professional Cameras

The cameras are professional broadcast cameras and I record either in HiDef or SDi onto Solid State Drives as well as internally inside the cameras at the same time so no footage will be lost due to hard drive failure.

Typically I'd use one camera for filming the montage sections and two cameras would be used for during the ceremony, speeches and first dance.

Broadcast Quality Editing

I use state-of-the-art Adobe Premiere CC video editing software to edit and grade the footage shot on a wedding.

Once all the editing is finished I then encode it for either DVD or Blu-Ray using Adobe Media Encoder and it's then sent to a piece of software that I use to create the disc structure. If it's a USB drive you require I supply the videos as mpeg4 movies on a Heart Shaped 16Gb Wedding drive in a presentation box.

How I film a Wedding

I create cinematic style wedding DVDs that contain musical montages such as the Brides Preparations, Arrivals, Photo Call and Evening Party along with the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance parts of your wedding day. Some companies will give you a 20 minute video from your day - my DVD's can be up to 3 hours depending on how long your ceremony and speeches are. So I offer excellent value for money.

My Style of Filming

Anyone can put a camera on a tripod and press the record button but the skill of a cinematographer is in controlling what the viewer sees or doesn't see. Each shot is composed creatively so when the movie is edited together the viewer shares a memorable and emotional experience that is a joy to watch.

My style of filming is more focussed on the people, details and events of the day rather than staged or directed cinematography, slow motion and flashy editing. I like showing realistic scenes that people will remember and connect with.